Choosing the Best Drinking Water Filter for Your Home

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Clean and safe drinking water is vital in maintaining good health. This is why installing a drinking water filter can benefit your household. Once unwanted contaminants are removed from your water, it becomes cleaner and safer to drink. Finding the best water filtration system can be challenging. Listed below are the different types of filters to help you determine which one is suitable for your needs and lifestyle.

Ion Exchange

This water filtration system replaces substances, such as calcium and magnesium, with other ions like potassium or sodium ions to soften hard water. Hard water refers to water that contains harsh minerals and particles. When hard water is treated to remove the mentioned harsh substances, it becomes soft water, which is cleaner and safer for drinking, cooking, meal prepping, and cleaning the house.

Activated Carbon

If you think your water has chlorine, sediment, magnesium, sulphur or agricultural chemicals, an activated carbon filter is your best option. This is the most common type of water filtration system because of its efficacy in removing contaminates from water. Activated carbon works by adsorption, pulling contaminates out of the water flow through the system.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Another popular water filter is reverse osmosis. This powerfully pushes contaminants out of the water flow through a membrane using pressure. Toxins like nitrates, fluoride, copper, radium, salt, and chromium are flushed out of your water with pressure. With this filter, you can drink your water with peace of mind that it is free from waterborne bacteria.


This is most often used as a pre-filtration method. Larger particles get trapped as water flows through a mechanical filter with nylon floss and synthetic pads. These make mechanical filters effective in removing physical particles.

Ultraviolet (UV)

UV filters are great for removing viruses in water. Through ultraviolet light and different frequencies, bacteria, viruses, and microbes are killed, making your water safe for drinking. UV filters are environmental-friendly, too!

If you are still unsure which drinking water filter is right for your home, call Adams Water Conditioning in Ocala, Florida today. We can help you choose the water filter best suited for your needs.

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