Is It Safe To Cook With Softened Water?

Softened water is water treated to remove calcium, magnesium, and other harsh chemicals that can cause harm to one’s body and their home. It is also free from highly concentrated mineral ions that are known to cause chemical reactions and highly affect the concentration and effectivity of cleaning products.

If you are unsure if your water is treated or not, here are some signs to look for to determine if your water is softened:

  • It has a clean taste.
  • Clothes are cleaner, and they have less wear-and-tear damage after washing.
  • Soap, bath gel, and detergent lather well.
  • Water dosen’t leave spots.

Drinking soft water is considered safe as long as it contains less than 500ppm of TDS, which is the total disolved solids in your water, per EPA drinking water guidelines. Therefore, cooking with softened water is not something to worry about. In fact, it can even benefit your cooking. Below are the benefits you can get from cooking with softened water.

1. Improved Taste

Your food will be free from unwanted harmful minerals if you cook it with softened water. Hence, making ingredients stays true to their flavor. Sometimes, the type of water you use can also affect the consistency of soups, dough, and other dishes you make. With softened water, you can ensure that the taste and consistency of your food turn out as planned.

2. Cleaner Dishes

Oftentimes, hard water or water that is not treated causes spots and streaks on dishes, silverware, and glassware. The mineral content of hard water can also cause buildup on your plates and utensils. Although it’s not harmful, it can make your dishes look old and dirty. To keep your glassware looking shiny and clean, make sure to use softened water when washing it.

3. Easier to Cook

Cooking with softened water is good. On the other hand, hard water slows the cooking time because it makes food tougher. Soft water also gives vegetables a better texture and does not affect their vitamin content.

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