How Much Does a Home Water Filtration System Cost?

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Whether you get your water from a well or a local water treatment facility, it’s still a good idea to be sure it is as clean as possible. That’s why many homeowners today have opted to get a water filtration system.

It’s a good idea to install a water filter in your home. Doing so can remove other contaminants that got through. There are two categories of water filtration systems: whole-house and under-sink filters. But, before you decide on what kind of filter you should get, here are some things you should know:

Whole-House Water Filters
Whole-house filters are point-of-entry filtration systems that clean every drop of water that gets into your home. It’s directly connected to your water pipeline and removes all of the contaminants before the water flows through your faucet. It can also protect your plumbing and appliances that use water from damage caused by heavy metals and dirt.

One downside to whole-house water filters is that they’re bulkier to store and will cost you more to install and maintain. Low-end units are already at least $1000. Higher-end models can easily cost you more than $3000. You may also have to make permanent changes to your plumbing for them to function as intended.

Under-Sink Water Filters
On the other hand, under-sink water filters are point-of-use filtration systems, meaning they’re designed to filter out contaminants only at specific points where water flows out. They’re often installed closer to your faucet. They’re easier to install and maintain and do not take up much space inside your house. Besides this, you don’t have to deal with modifying your plumbing system permanently. This makes under-sink filters ideal for apartments and rental homes.

Under-sink filters are often cheaper compared to whole-house filter systems. You can get your hands on a low-end unit for as low as $100 to $150. More expensive models can only cost you around $1200.

Final Thoughts
Knowing how much your chosen home water filtration system will cost can help you decide which type of filter fits your home and needs. Whether you opt for under-sink or whole-house water filtration, Adams Water Conditioning has got you covered. Since 1967, we’ve proudly served customers all across Florida.

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