Is Florida Tap Water Safe To Drink?

If you’re moving to Florida, you might be wondering about the location’s drinking water quality. Here are some facts that you should know:

Where Does Florida Water Come From?

Most of the freshwater that Florida gets come from aquifers. These large underground rocks are made of limestones that contain groundwater and redirect it to the surface. Besides aquifers, Florida also gets its water from rivers, streams, lakes, and other bodies of water across the state. The water supply is then collected and used for public consumption.

The majority of Floridians depend on public water systems. The water distributed by these systems is safe to drink since the local governments follow strict federal and state laws concerning water contaminants and how to deal with them.

Safe Drinking Water Act

One of the laws and regulations being implemented in the state of Florida is the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) of 1974. The SDWA is a set of guidelines regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) designed to uphold protective drinking water standards. Since it was first implemented, the overall water quality throughout the country has increased.

In the SDWA, the Environmental Protection Agency lists over 90 different possible contaminants and their treatment requirements in public drinking water. The SDWA also underwent numerous amendments throughout the years, adding more regulations and updating old information as necessary. This ensures that people will only get clean and safe drinking water.

What Can You Do To Keep Your Water Safe?

However, just because your water looks clear doesn’t automatically mean it’s 100% safe. Your water quality may change over time without you noticing. It is important to take immediate action should you ever observe any changes in your water quality, be it in terms of smell, color, or taste.

If there are any changes, have the water inspected and tested to ensure your drinking water is safe to drink. Having your water tested will also determine if your filtration system is still working as intended. Experts recommend having your water inspected at least once a year.

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