Negative Effects of Iron in Drinking Water

Water sample is taken by a man

Iron is one of the most abundant elements on Earth, making up a significant portion of the crust. Because of that, it can also be found mixed and dissolved in water sources worldwide.

But iron in drinking water can be a health risk, as it is considered a secondary contaminant. Here are some of the notable adverse effects of iron:

Iron Allows Microorganisms to Grow

Iron is essential for bacterial growth. Iron in water can lead to the development of a biofilm if it exists along with specific microorganisms. Once you drink this contaminated water, the bacteria may spread in your body and cause illnesses.

Too Much Iron Can Cause Poisoning

As discussed, iron is essential to human growth and development. And although it’s not made naturally inside the body, you can absorb it from what you eat or drink. But too much iron can damage your internal organs and cause iron poisoning.

Iron poisoning or iron toxicity is one of the most common types of toxic ingestion. It often happens in children, but it can also occur in adults. Failure to treat this illness as soon as possible can lead to multiple organ failure and even death.

Iron Can Stain Your Teeth

Another adverse effect of excessive iron in drinking water is that it can affect your dental health. Research conducted by the CEU Cardenal Herrera University has concluded that prolonged water consumption with high iron content can stain teeth.

They found that these stains are more directly related to the high iron content and are harder to remove, especially if they are next to your gums. The research also concluded that drinking tap water increases the chances of developing these black stains.

It’s essential to have your water supply inspected occasionally, whether you get your drinking water from public sources or a private well. If you need to have it tested soon, look no further than Adams Water Conditioning. We have been providing drinking water solutions to Florida homes for years since 1967.

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